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What type of coaching do you offer?

I specialize in relationship coaching for individuals who are in complicated relationships or who have been estranged. I also offer traditional personal development coaching.

Are you certified?

YES! I am CPC certified by the international coaching federation and am up to date with business licensing.

what does coaching do for me?

Coaching allows you to have someone who is in your corner. Someone who is championing you on to your goals while discovering yourself.

Do you offer student and military discounts?

I sure do! I currently offer 10% off of sessions and packages for Active Military, Spouses of Military, and Students with a current ID.

So are you just going to tell me what to do?

Nope! This might sound harsh, but you would never grow that way. The job of a coach is to help YOU find independence from your current situation to become self sufficient and successful.

How do Payments work?

For individual sessions, you will be billed prior to your session the day your appointment is set. For packages such as 6, 8, or 12 weeks, you can either pay all the sessions upfront or be billed monthly in installments.

HOw do I know this is for me?

All new clients will have a FREE 20 min consultation prior to their first appointment. During the consultation, we will go over expectations, your goals, and a game plan.

How long is each coaching session?

Each session is 50min via Zoom.

Do you offer package pricing?

Yes! You can purchase single sessions for the standard price. However I do offer 6, 8, and 12 week packages for a discounted rate!

Are you a therapist?

No I am not a therapist. A therapist has the ability to dive backwards into things like trauma, abuse, and addiction. A coach is someone who helps you progress forward into the life you want.

But what if I need therapy instead?

Although it is possible to have a coach and a therapist, a coach should never replace a psychiatrist or a licensed mental health professional. This is something we will discuss in our consultation. If your need is a therapist rather than a coach, it is important that you receive the correct care. Your mental health matters more than anything to me!

Let's get started on the next chapter of YOUR story!

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